SENSIBILIS’ACTION un espace pour fleurir Sources of Inspiration :  EDUCATIVE INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPANIMENT Time out Stays Coaching - Supervision Individual sessions Polarity Yoga Nutritional consciousness Pedagogic bases POLARITY THERAPY Polarity cleansing cure Acid-basic balance (pH) Prana NUTRITIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS SENSIBILISATION & CO-CREATION Stands and Workshops Show Schools, Festivals & markets MASSAGES Well being and relaxing Detox with alkaline salts Process oriented SACRED FEMINITY TAO TANTRIC ARTS Breast Massage Ovarian Respiration Jade Egg practice Meditation TRANSLATIONS Translations Subtitling - Voice Off Courses DANCE WITH HEaRth Kinaesthetic meditation Celebration through voice, rhythm and dance TRAVELS Back to the source Linguistic apprenticeship Dream to reality For more information in english: info (at) CONTACT a space to blossom Welcome Impressum Sensibilisaction : for the sensibility in action... “Along the years I have done different professional trainings, beginning with the bachelor for social pedagogy, after what I proposed individual accompaniments for young adults searching for sense. This conduced me to search complementary tools in the psycho- corporal wellbeing. So I studied Polarity Therapy, Massage and Tao Tantric Arts. Passionate by the chant, the music and the expression through movement I have taken classes of folk, classical, Latin, 5 Rhythms, modern dance and I loved singing in a band and in a choir for 4 years. Enduring belly hurt since child, I have done researches about alimentation (intolerance, pH, diet, fast, cure and prána) to understand the pain and liberate me adjusting every day my nutrition. So nutrition became a subject that fascinates me. . Born in the German part of Switzerland, very soon I spoke 4 languages and have done several journeys all over the world. I create Sensibilisaction to propose a palette of activities- whether in the pedagogic, educative, therapeutic, ecologic, energetic or artistic domains- based on the sensibility that had been offered to me through this pilgrimage of knowledge, meetings and experiences. Whatever is your age, social situation, physical or psychological situation, your history or your activity… Sensibilisaction is a space of SENSIBILISATION open for all.” Simone Esther